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Terms and Conditions


ADV represents the company which manages all the services of the website.

THE CUSTOMER: Every physical or moral person who uses the services of this website is considering as a client.

The following general sell conditions are available for all the orders on the website. ADV can at any moment modify these sell conditions .In that case, the orders of the day will be under these modified sell conditions.


In order to use this website in good conditions, we suggest you the following advices.

Hardware: You should have a recent pc Computer or Mac

Navigator system: Internet explorer, any version.

Security: You need to accept the cookies on your navigator and JavaScript also for your navigator.



All the goods proposed come from many countries such as India Thailand or Brazil. Our products are selected by our specialists for their quality and cheap prices over the world.

Each class of product as a unique origin thats why we cannot give you a full list of all that origins.

Our gold and silver articles have been checked by the French custom before to be shipped to you. The stamping is a proof of their control on the metal which is a proof of its quality.



Our articles and prices are available according to the stock quantity left.

When we receive your order, we verify if the ordering article is still available .In case of a lack of stock, we give you the guarantee of a refund by bank cheque within 30 days.

The date of the orders validation is:

-The date of order for credit card payment.

-The date of the reception of your cheque.

If you do pay us by cheque, your payment and printing order should be sent within 7days. After 10 days without reception of your cheque payment, your order will be automatically cancelled.

Every order doubled clicked by a client represents an acceptation which cannot be contested in any case under the limits of the sell conditions. The double click represents an electronic signature. This electronic signature as the same value as a handmade signature.



The ordered articles will be shipped to you within 72 hours after the reception of your payment.

The goods will be separately packed and put all together in a same package.

You will find in your shipment a bill on which all your orders will be written.

Your bills can be consulted in your customer area after your payment.



Different situations of returning articles:

The address is not correct

In that situation and after the reception of your ordered articles and according to your wishes, you will be proposed another shipment to your new address.

If the article is not available we will refund you the total amount by cheque within 15 days after the reception of your order.

Refused shipment

If the shipment comes to your place in bad damaged conditions, you must refuse it and get into contact with our client service. You must also ask for a damage file from the shipping company.

After the reception of your ordered articles and according to your wishes, you will be proposed another shipment to your address or a total refund by cheque within 15 days if the article is not available anymore.

Reference error

You have 7 days to tell us that ordered articles dont correspond to the shipped article. The article should be return to us in good shipping conditions in the original package even if the package has been opened. You should also join your order number.

After reception of your shipment and the agreement of our client service, you will be proposed another shipment to your address or another article if you wish or the total refund by cheque sent within 15 days.

Cancelled order

According to the French law L.121-20 of the "code de la consummation", you have 7 open days after the shipping date to refuse your order if it doesnt match with your wishes.

In that situation, you must return your order in the original package and in good selling conditions to our client service.

You can ask then to be proposed another article or the total refund without the shipping fees.

No cancelled order will be accepted by our client service if the article is damage.

Return fees

If its not a cancelled order, the return fees will be refund to you if you ask our client service to do so and according to the shipping company tariffs. The maximum amount is set at 15 all taxes included.



ADV will not be old responsible if the shipping company fell into strike or any problem in which ADV isnt involved.

Also, if the client is a professional, ADV will not hold the responsibility in any case if the client looses money because of a situation in which ADV isnt involved.

The choice and the order of a client is under is total responsibility. If the client isnt about to use the ordered article, ADV should not be old responsible.



According to the Law of the 6 January 1978, you can modify and erase your data.

After your first order, you will receive the news letter you can modify clicking into your client area.